TABG stats -- Created 2018/6/8 -- Updated 2018/6/22
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:: Resources and Notes ::
Official patchnotes and news for TABG. Secret/special weapon stats from u/Iwearajacket. Common weapon stats from u/Iwearajacket (range and recoil not accurate). Additional common weapon stats from Moulinette. Weapon damage tests at long ranges (100-200 meters) from u/ghostnightryu. - TABG has high mobility, meaning any small space can probably be moved through. This includes the chimneys on buildings. - You can put any item in the throwable slot and throw it like a grenade. - Launching into water on spawn lets you fly indefinitely until you hit land. - Guns with high kickback + heavy barrel lets you fly when aiming downwards. - You can shoot yourself in the legs if you aim down and fire while jumping.
:: Firearm Stat Breakdown ::
Name: The title/ID of the weapon asset in the game. Class: The class/type of firearm (delineated by box in the shooting range). Head Shots: Number of shots to the head needed to kill dummy from ten meters. Body Shots: Number of shots in the stomach it takes to kill dummy from ten meters. Foot Shots: Number of shots in the foot it takes to kill dummy from ten meters. -> All shot counts are values formated as [ Before_Dropoff - After_Dropoff ] Dropoff: Distance in meters before weapon damage lowers (tells you effective range). -> Dropoff for explosives is calculated as maximum blast radius. Accuracy: Percentage of shots (out of 20) landed on a quarter-meter target from a ten meter distance while standing (ADS does not seem to affect this). Ammunition: Caliber/type of rounds used by the firearm. Magazine Capacity: Number of rounds when loaded. Rate Of Fire: The number of rounds you can fire per second (tells you average DPS). Recoil: Degree of elevation changed (Δ azimuth) from a single shot. Firemodes: Tells you the select-fire options of the weapon. Kickback: Distance the shooter is moved back from each shot. Knockback: Distance the target is moved back from each shot (using dummy targets). Hands: Number of hands needed to hold the weapon. Stats updated on 2018/6/22; these are approximate and are likely to change. We are calling the distance you can run in 1.53 seconds an approximate 10-meter mark. "n/a" stands for Not Applicable; if we do not have info, the cell is left blank. It is generally noted that the heavy barrel attachment adds ~20% damage to a weapon. You can sort the table by clicking the column headers.
Name Class Head Shot Body Shot Foot Shot Dropoff Accuracy Ammunition Mag.Cap. Rate-Of-Fire Recoil Firemodes Kickback Knockback Hands
AK-47Assault Rifle2-?3-?6-? 100%7.62 mm30 6.52 rps0.5°Semi/Full-Auto0 m0.1 m2
AUGAssault Rifle2-?4-?10-? 100%5.56 mm30 6.66 rps0.3°Semi/Full-Auto0 m0.1 m2
M16Assault Rifle2-?4-?9-? 100%5.56 mm30 6.12 rps0.3°Semi/Burst0 m0.1 m2
MP-44Assault Rifle2-?3-?6-? 100%7.62 mm30 4.61 rps0.5°Semi/Full-Auto0 m0.1 m2
SCAR-HAssault Rifle2-?4-?7-? 100%7.62 mm25 6.47 rps0.5°Semi/Full-Auto0 m0.1 m2
Automatic CrossbowCrossbow1-?3-?4-? 100%Bolts10 1 rps0.2°Semi/Full-Auto0.1 m0 m2
CrossbowCrossbow1-?1-?2-? 100%Bolts1 1 rps0.05°Single0.1 m1 m2
Taser CrossbowCrossbow2-?3-?6-? 100%Taser Ammo1 1 rps0.6°Single0 m0.5 m2
Grenade LauncherExplosive111 100%Grenade6 3 rps°Semi-Auto0 m0 m2
Rocket LauncherExplosive112100%Rocket Ammo1 0.5 rpsSingle0.05 m1 m2
Browning M2Machine Gun3-?5-?6-? 100%7.62 mm500 8.73 rps0.33°Full-Auto0.05 m0.1 m2
M1918-BARMachine Gun2-?3-?5-? 100%7.62 mm20 5.3 rps0.33°Full-Auto0 m0.1 m2
MG-42Machine Gun2-?4-?5-? 100%7.62 mm50 12.2 rps0.33°Full-Auto0.05 m0.1 m2
Mini GunMachine Gun4-?5-?15-? 100%7.62 mm150 11.19 rps0.4°Full-Auto0.1 m0.1 m2
Balistic ShieldMelee356 100%n/an/a n/an/aSingle 1
BatonMelee244 100%n/an/a n/an/aSingle 1
Checkered ShieldMelee346 100%n/an/a n/an/aSingle 1
CleaverMelee234 100%n/an/a n/an/aSingle 1
CrowbarMelee234 100%n/an/a n/an/aSingle 1
Crusader SwordMelee236 100%n/an/a n/an/aSingle 1
FistsMelee379 100%n/an/a n/an/aSingle 1/2
Jarl AxeMelee222 100%n/an/a n/an/aSingle 2
KatanaMelee122 100%n/an/a n/an/aSingle 2
KnifeMelee235 100%n/an/a n/an/aSingle 1
RapierMelee244 100%n/an/a n/an/aSingle 1
Riot ShieldMelee344 100%n/an/a n/an/aSingle 2
SabreMelee234 100%n/an/a n/an/aSingle 1
Shallow Pot Long HandleMelee123 100%n/an/a n/an/aSingle 1
ShovelMelee234 100%n/an/a n/an/aSingle 1
Viking AxeMelee223 100%n/an/a n/an/aSingle 1
Beretta 93RPistol3-?5-?12-? 100%9 mm20 5 rps°Semi/Burst m m1
Desert EaglePistol1-?2-?4-? 100%7.62 mm8 5.16 rps°Semi-Auto m m1
FlintlockPistol1-?1-?2-? 100%Musket Ammo1 1.5 rps°Single m m1
G18cPistol4-?7-?12-? 100%9 mm25 10.87 rps°Semi/Full-Auto m m1
Luger-P08Pistol2-?3-?5-? 100%9 mm8 5.92 rps°Semi-Auto m m1
m1911Pistol2-?3-?5-? 100%.45 ACP7 3.5 rps°Semi-Auto m m1
RevolverPistol2-?3-?5-? 100%7.62 mm6 6 rps°Semi-Auto m m1
TaserPistoln/an/an/a n/aTaser Ammo1 1 rps°Single m m1
Tec-9Pistol3-?5-?9-? 100%9 mm32 9.41 rps°Semi/Full-Auto m m1
AA-12Shotgun1-32-34-510m70-75%12 Gauge20 4.62 rps0.33°Semi/Full-Auto0.05 m0 m2
BlunderbussShotgun1-21-24-?10m100%Musket Ammo1 1 rps0.75°Single0.7 m0.1 m2
Double barrel ShotgunShotgun1-21-22-410m100%12 Gauge2 2 rps0.9°Semi-Auto0.5 m0 m1
Mossberg-500Shotgun1-51-?1-? 100%12 Gauge5 1.33 rpsSemi-Auto0 m0 m2
AKS-74USMG3-?5-?9-? 100%5.56 mm30 8.36 rps°Semi/Full-Auto 2
Mac-10SMG4-?7-?10-? 100%9 mm32 12.8 rps°Semi/Full-Auto 1
M1a1-ThompsonSMG2-?4-?7-? 100%.45 ACP30 8.49 rps°Semi/Full-Auto 2
MP-40SMG2-?3-?5-? 100%9 mm32 6.18 rps°Full-Auto 2
MP5-KSMG4-?5-?10-? 100%9 mm25 8.77 rps°Semi/Full-Auto 2
P90SMG3-?5-?7-? 100%5.56 mm50 14.71 rps°Semi/Full-Auto 2
PPSH-41SMG2-34-?7-8 100%7.62 mm72 11.80 rps°Semi/Full-Auto 2
UMP-45SMG2-?4-?7-? 100%.45 ACP25 7.35 rps°Semi/Burst/Full-Auto 2
VectorSMG3-?6-?11-? 100%.45 ACP25 14.71 rps°Semi/Burst/Full-Auto 2
AWPSniper Rifle1-?2-?3-? 100%7.62 mm10 1 rpsSingle0.2 m30 m2
BarrettSniper Rifle1-?2-?3-? 100%7.62 mm10 5 rpsSemi-Auto0.1 m1.5 m2
M1 GarandSniper-Rifle2-?3-?5-? 100%7.62 mm8 2.66 rps0.5°Semi-Auto0 m0.1 m2
Kar98KSniper-Rifle1-?2-?3-? 100%7.62 mm5 0.8 rps0.3°Single0.1 m20 m2
M14Sniper Rifle2-?3-?6-? 100%7.62 mm20 6.66 rps0.5°Semi/Full-Auto0 m0.5 m2
MusketSniper Rifle1-?1-?2-? 100%Musket Ammo1 0.33 rpsSingle0.1 m1 m2
VSSSniper Rifle2-?4-?8-? +0.5°100%9 mm20 8 rps0.25°Semi/Full-Auto0 m0.1 m2
Winchester-Model1886Sniper-Rifle1-22-34-510m +0.01°100%.45 ACP9 2 rps0.4°Semi-Auto0.1 m0.2 m2
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