ABOUT SNERX Back to Snerx -- Contact us on our official Discord. ====================================================================================== Snerx is the poor man's RnD company. We are a future-soft and research organzation with a focus in formal logic, linguistics, government systems, steganography, cryptocurrency, culture, and research-process technologies. Our team is globally distributed amongst a few countries now including America, Canada, Brazil, and Estonia. This website is the collection of projects and general stuffs created by the Snerx project team. Contact us on our Discord if you have questions or comments. The Snerx website and project team do not take corporate sponsorships or run any ads. This site is entirely out of our pockets, and it always will be. If you do want to help offset our server costs, you can donate BTC to 1snerxYR4LFh3WzrBGpQh6rUaHpGCkMHs. This webserver is regularly nuked and reinstalled, you don't have to worry about logs. We are looking into hosting the site through IPFS/ZeroNet to secure traffic. TOR is good for the surfer, but not for the host; we want true and absolute privacy. All artwork, including the company logo, is done in-house. The animated GIFs are by Michael Azzi and ZiEK. The Halloween theme background and logo are by Monster Basement.