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:: Firearms Selected by Pricepoint :: Handguns for concealed carry.Taurus Millennium G2 Chambered in 9mm MSRP: $319 USD 12 rounds 6.3" long at 22 oz • FNS-9 Compact Chambered in 9mm MSRP: $639 USD 10/12/17 rounds 6.7" long at 23.4 oz • Chiappa Rhino 20DS Chambered in 9mm MSRP: $1,089 USD 6-round cylinder 6.5" long at 24 oz Personal defense weapons.FN PS90 Chambered in 5.7mm MSRP: $1,500 USD 10/30/50 rounds 26.25" long at 6.3 lbs • HK MP7A1 Chambered in 4.6mm MSRP: $1,750 USD 20/30/40 rounds 16.5-25.2" long at 4.4 lbs Exceptional combat rifles for civilian use.SKS Chambered in 7.62 ~$600 USD 10 rounds 40-44" long at 8.5 lbs • XM-15 Standard/MOE (AR15) Chambered in 5.56 MSRP: $1,100 USD 20/30 rounds 34.75" long at 6.57 lbs • Kel-Tec RDB 17 Chambered in .223/5.56 MSRP: $1,275 USD 20/30/50 rounds 27" long at 6.7 lbs • FN SCAR 16S Chambered in 5.56 MSRP: $3,300 USD 10/30/50 rounds 28-38" long at 7.25 lbs Accessories and Miscellaneous.Safes for guns or valuables. • Gunbroker/Arms Unlimited/GunBot for ammunition, optic(s), etc. • Federal Premium for specific ammunition (not cheap). • MAGPUL for the godking of firearms accessories. • Podavach speed loading trays. • Grip Pod vertical grip + bipod combination. • Silencer(s) and cover. • Bags and holsters. • Manuals for most common firearms. :: Technical Knowledge and Standards :: Freedommunitions' ammunition breakdown and guide. Ballistics calculator for munitions and their corresponding firearms. An explanation for why some mags are curved. Hickok45's historical overview of US military rifles since 1776. Field Manuals are good source(s) of information.
:: Innawoods & Survival :: Clothing and Miscellaneous.Military Surplus (+, +, +) is a great way to get gear on sale. • Gorka and Russian-styled gear also work well. • Gloves. The rest will come later. • A dailies kit, car pack, and long-term go-bag. • Innawoods game for designing kits and survival loadouts. Perpetual Autonomy Kit.Backpack(s), tac vest(s), pouche(s), and poncho(s). Poncho doubles as tarp. • Bivvi and mat, or hammock. • Field knive(s), tactical knive(s), and sharpening stone(s). • Axe + hammer, folding shovel, and multi-tool(s). • Watch + compass + others, matches, cordage, duct tape, and carabiner(s). • First aid kit, mess kit(s), dopp kit, escape kit(s), and tiny fishing kit. • Canteen/thermos or bladder, water filter(s), and food(s). • Water purification tabs, potassium iodide, epinephrine, and painkiller(s). • Writing pad and pen, ziptie(s), bit tool, glowsticks or flare(s), and card(s). • Portable charger(s), portable solar panel, portable stove, and survival app(s). • Possible accessories - blood type marker, patches, geiger counter, and radio(s). • Possible snowgear - crampons, gaiters, emergency blanket, and sleeping bag. • Anything else would be in a bag carried by your vehichle. :: Military Simulation & War Theory :: The basics of movement through buildings and compounds. :: Self Sufficient Civ :: The original Anarchist Cookbook by William Powell. Non-hybrid seed(s) are required for growing renewable crops. Energy collection and storage with a solar kit is useful for longterm survival. A lot more will eventually be added to this page.